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Why ATM Solutions?

A reliable, convenient and cost effective ATM offers your business a competitive advantage. With cash in hand, customers are likely to spend more in-store.

We provide user-friendly ATMs that feature superior security functionality. Our ATMs can help attract more feet through your business’s front door, plus we offer you the opportunity to earn additional income from transaction rebates.

As the industry leader in South Africa, we are the largest independent deployer of ATMs in the country. We also service other markets in sub-Saharan Africa. With over ten years’ experience, a country-wide infrastructure, year-round customer support and our wireless technology, we offer optimal availability for your ATM.

We can install ATMs just about anywhere, including remote locations and developing areas. All of this makes us the smart choice for your business.

Why our ATMs?

  • Over 10 years of experience has entrenched service excellence as the cornerstone of our offering.
  • Our effective bank branded signage attracts cardholders. Research indicates that these customers can spend up to 25% more in-store.
  • You can earn money through rebates on successful transactions.
  • You can save on your business’s bank charges by using our ATM as a deposit facility.
  • We settle cash dispensed back into your account daily.
  • You can offer your customers additional convenient transactions, such as prepaid airtime for Cell C, MTN, Vodacom and Telkom.
  • Our ATMs don’t take up much space and they’re easy to install.
  • Because we use wireless technology, our ATMs are perfect for remote areas and ease of connectivity.
  • Our partnerships with many of South Africa’s most popular banks means cardholder usage is extensive.
  • We offer a national after-sales service that includes technical customer support, ATM monitoring, cashing, ATM training for your employees, security awareness training, transaction processing and more. We have a dedicated customer relationship executive who will manage your account.
  • We operate one of the largest switches in Africa and we can process transactions from any location, through any device type, to any host.
  • Our ATMs are fully chip and PIN compliant – offering the latest security mandated features for your customer’s protection.


Over 10 years of experience has entrenched service excellence
as the cornerstone of our offering.